The Hearing Solution in a Bottle?

May 21, 2023 my blog

Before you have hearing aids fitted, do you really need them? Perhaps there is are off-the-shelf answers costing just a few pounds.

After a few years working in the hearing aid industry I have probably heard all the reasons NOT to have them fitted, even when they are obviously needed. How do I know this?

Well, first – I used many of them myself. Second – so did my father-in-law. Eventually we both succumbed and – you guessed it – we haven’t looked back!

All those reasons went out the window after just one day of realising what we had been missing:

– having the TV at “normal” volume so that it didn’t annoy others;

– a walk in the country being more than gentle exercise – I could actually hear the country;

– no more fear of being run over in the street if I didn’t look both ways;

– and – best of all – a decent conversation with those around me! A week had gone by and I still couldn’t stop talking!

So what’s this hearing “solution in a bottle” all about?

It’s olive oil. But let’s be clear. It cannot cure clinical deafness. I guess nothing can. But if there is little or nothing wrong with your hearing – but you think there is – this simple remedy could be the answer. It softens impacted wax so that it can be removed easily and safely.

But what makes it so special?

The solution itself (i.e. the liquid in the bottle) is littleĀ Cortexi more than olive oil. The application used, however, is the main feature to look out for and makes it special. It’s a spray, so you can apply it to each ear quite easily and without making a mess. Even the bottle is the right size; not so small that you cannot easily use the spray; not too large that you need both hands.

Use it even if you already wear hearing aids

I mentioned earlier that my father-in-law and I both used hearing aids. Dad (as I call him) still needs regular application of the olive oil spray as he suffers from excess wax build up. It helps keep his ears – and his hearing aids – clean.

So that’s the other beauty of it. It’s perfect whether or not you wear hearing aids, to improve your hearing. Sometimes tinnitus can be caused by wax build up – so it may help with that too.

I couldn’t find it locally – so I advertised it nationally

When I first heard about one particular brand and tried to find it in local supermarkets – even in phar